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What are MockSides?

All scripts are written by David Dalton & Chad Schnackel

Mock Sides is a term we invented to describe custom written scenes that appear as if they had come from actual TV shows and Films. The scripts serve a particular purpose in actor training and are intended to challenge the actor to make educated guesses as to what the whole story may be about. You may notice, the scenes don't have page numbers so you can guess as to where it would in the timeline of the story. We give minimal character description and very little "beat" indicators; this is to allow the actors to make their own decisions regarding their character's history, relationship and subtext. Most of our scripts have no lead-ins from previous scenes or "cuts to" the next scene; we leave that up to the actors to imagine and discuss. 
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MockSidesPlus is our Membership site which contains Hundreds of Additional Scenes and more categories like, Monologues, Teen-Only Scenes, our popular Somatic Memorization Technique, and many Examples of our Scenes on Video
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Here, all general scenes come with a W.I.G. (Writers Insider's Guide)
a study guide written by the actual writers to help you get the most out of your performance!
The Acting Studio that Started it All!

MockSides Studios (formerly DS StudioWorks) is where the scenes are custom written for our acting students. We have progressive class levels, which is why our scripts vary in degrees of difficulty. 

We use our unique Storyteller's Approach to acting, which trains the actor make smart choices that honor the writing, support the vision, and serve the story.

Our MockSides Student Ensemble (Masters class) participate in the development of the scripts through workshops and showcasing, helping us to bring the material to a higher standard before uploading to MockSidesPlus.
The Original FREE MockSides

MockSides FREE scripts are for beginning to mid-level actors for use in their acting classes, actors demo reels, and for individual audition practice. Our categories include: scenes for 1 man 1 woman, 2 women scenes, 2 men scenes, 3 person scenes and scenes for young actors. Some comedic scenes, some dramatic scenes, and all written in screenplay format. Acting Coaches and Teachers can take advantage of this educational resource.