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... you need a productive support system. No matter where you live and work as an actor, there will always be "pockets" of artists who settle for mediocrity in their work and have come to believe "this is as good as it gets". You should seek to surround yourself with those who are a few steps ahead, who are driven by their passion, who aspire to greatness and inspire others to do the same. DSSW is not the "end-all-be-all" of your training; we're just here to keep you from settling for less, and prepare you for the next level.

... you must be willing to play without a safety net. Learn to step out of your comfort zone. Learn how to fall down, laugh and pick yourself up. Be willing to fail. Sometimes, falling back a few steps means you get another chance, but with a running start. Sometimes in class, our students really suck ...and it's a good thing. 

... In the business of Acting, you are your own product, your own service. Like any other product or service, you have to keep up with the development of YOU; always improving your skills and adapting to new strategies. 

... that as acting coaches, we need to work harder than our students, harder than other coaches, and strive to be the best at what we do. We cannot expect our students to be at their best if we are not at ours. Set your bar high and that is where we'll start. Sharing Online by KeepandShare
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"One year ago today I joined DS StudioWorks acting studio. Little did I know when I walked down those steps and through that door, I was walking into something that would change my life forever. I have grown so much as an actress but also as a person."   
~ Lauryn Stuart
"...taking classes with Dave and Chad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made to fine tune my acting skills. If you're feeling stuck in your progression... , I highly recommend you audit a class and take your career into your own hands." 
~ Jackie Gest
Masters Students 
for landing this fun 
commercial spot! 
​Masters Student
For his comical role in this KIA ad as The Cop. 
Select the option "Meet the Cop" 
at 2:08 Directed by Jamin Winans & 
Produced by Futuristic Films